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Added Ezekiel references

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Welcome To Bible Time Line

Biblical Time Line:

Time Line is a powerful configurable Bible Timeline software package ideal for studying Bible time line events. The software can be customized by the user, so events can be linked to other events eg exodus can be lnk to Abraham or linked to Joseph. Together with Bible Reference Software and Stardate (Calendar) Software, this allows a rich studying experience, so that by selecting an event on the timeline, the user can compare the date in multiple calendars or read the Biblical sources of the event in any selected Bible translation.

The software allows the adding and editing of events in the time line easily. The software iterates through datasets to resolve events to muliple calendars. As an example Seth was born 130 years after Adam, and the 2nd temple destroyed in 586BC. The software will resolve all the events inbetween, so event 1 and be linked to event 2. The default dataset contains Bible data input through Kings, along with the Biblical references. Important to note is that this is a pure mathematical approach, leaving the interpretation to the user.

Star Date:

An interactive calendar that displays the current day in different calendar formats including Gregorian, Julian, Jewish (and Essene!!), and more. The software also shows the phases of the moon over time and the zero year date can be set at any point in the calendar. Events can be set and viewed,


Simple Bible reading software supporting multiple translations. Can be used standalone for study or in conjunction with Time Line for viewing text of Biblical events.